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Sharing how I use Evernote

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I'm of Mom of three, work full time and volunteer for several organizations. I have a crazy life. Here are some ways that I use Evernote..

- I scan all my kids work into Evernote. My 11 year old knows how to do this and I'm working on the 9 year old. Why? Grade disputes and it helps with those scrapbooking project that I'll get to one day. Anyone one school aged kids is inundated with paperwork. I have them place school notes in the scanner so I could scan and read on the train I also show Family and Grandparent art and other projects and tests on Ipad.

- AR reading list and points. I have a file of the books that we are looking for and need to add to collection

- Share documents with my Girl Scout Troop as well as archived all the documents for our local Swim Club

- Room Party directions..I have a log of all the room parties and copies of the letters that I sent to families.

- Instructions for toys and receipts. I've pulled it up at target and got a refund for a broken TV..The service desk women was a little mad that she had to type the receipt number in but it worked..

These are just a few things. I would like to hear other ideas.


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Those are some great ideas! I love the Girl Scout idea... I wonder if I could get my daughters' troop interested in it.

Aside with scanning in school and special "stuff", I keep health information for my kids in EN. I have a folder I share with mu husband called "Kids" with a stack for each kid and one main stack for general stuff. The biggest help has been Note links. I have one main note with each kid's name. Under their name is a list of any medicine, allergies, dates of last physical and note links to a scan of their immunization records and eyeglass prescriptions. This has been such a help. I never remembered all of those things you need for the school forms every year (immunization dates, physicals, etc.). By sharing these notes with my husband, he always has that info at hand, too.

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Hey, I'm Petra from Berlin, Germany!

I'm a mother of four and I'm a writer of crime novels, children's books and guidebooks.

I have a notebook for every family member, where I put all the information concerning each child and my husband. Notes I've written about them (funny sentences, for instance), insurance policies, things I've ordered for them, etc. And if they tell me about things they like while we're shopping together, I take a photo and collect these ideas for birthdays or christmas.

Above that, my youngest daughter and my eldest son (the two in the middle aren't interested) use Evernote on their Smartphones and store school-worksheets via EN-snapshots, so they can't lose them ;-)

I organize nearly every aspect of my life with Evernote and I'm very happy about that. I come a little bit closer to a paperless life :-)

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