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  1. Hello, I'm of Mom of three, work full time and volunteer for several organizations. I have a crazy life. Here are some ways that I use Evernote.. - I scan all my kids work into Evernote. My 11 year old knows how to do this and I'm working on the 9 year old. Why? Grade disputes and it helps with those scrapbooking project that I'll get to one day. Anyone one school aged kids is inundated with paperwork. I have them place school notes in the scanner so I could scan and read on the train I also show Family and Grandparent art and other projects and tests on Ipad. - AR reading list and points. I have a file of the books that we are looking for and need to add to collection - Share documents with my Girl Scout Troop as well as archived all the documents for our local Swim Club - Room Party directions..I have a log of all the room parties and copies of the letters that I sent to families. - Instructions for toys and receipts. I've pulled it up at target and got a refund for a broken TV..The service desk women was a little mad that she had to type the receipt number in but it worked.. These are just a few things. I would like to hear other ideas. Yvette
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