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  1. It's so easy to use the "Mail to Evernote"-fuction, so I don't need a gmail add-on.
  2. Hey, I'm Petra from Berlin, Germany! I'm a mother of four and I'm a writer of crime novels, children's books and guidebooks. I have a notebook for every family member, where I put all the information concerning each child and my husband. Notes I've written about them (funny sentences, for instance), insurance policies, things I've ordered for them, etc. And if they tell me about things they like while we're shopping together, I take a photo and collect these ideas for birthdays or christmas. Above that, my youngest daughter and my eldest son (the two in the middle aren't interested) use Evernote on their Smartphones and store school-worksheets via EN-snapshots, so they can't lose them ;-) I organize nearly every aspect of my life with Evernote and I'm very happy about that. I come a little bit closer to a paperless life :-)
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