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Sharing a notebooks not working

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I'm new to Evernote and evaluating it for use in my Company. I started with the free version and tried to share a notebooks. I followed all the instructions and the individuals I invited to the notebook never received a email message or have been able to view the notebooks. I've tried removing the user and then sending a new invite and still nothing. I went ahead and purchased a single user Premium license for myself and tried agian and nothing. I finally figured out how to open a Ticket "#16051-43245 Sharing" and all I got were the instructions that I had already followed.

Nobody in my company has received an email from evernote except the one I got from the ticket. I'm not sure where to go to so Hopefully someone is interested in helping, or Evernote isn't interested in my Money.

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It's still possible your company's server/host may be blocking notifications from our system. Is this outsourced or do you have an IT crew? I'd check with IT to make sure that we're not blocked in any way.

Alternatively, you could submit a support ticket to the link in my signature and begin working through the process with our support team--they can provide additional info once you get down into the weeds with them on possible issues you may be seeing.

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I too have the same problem. I shared a note to two of my friends, one user able to see and he's old user of evernote. Other user is not able to view note and he did not get an email but this guy is new user of evernote.


Please let assist how to fix it. Thanks!


You're talking about sharing notes... BobM was having an issue with sharing notebooks 3 years back.


Whether someone is an "old" or "new" user is not the issue here. The fact that one friend was able to access the note means that you would need to troubleshoot with the other friend who is (incidentally) a new user. 


For starters, it seems that you would need to see what happened to the email that your friend (new user) should have received. Did you send it to the correct email? Is it perhaps not in his spam folder? If he did not get any link or email, it stands to reason that he would not have been able to see the note in any shape or form. It seems to be an email thing... so you might want to check on that first. 


If it turns out to be something other than an email issue... you might want to get your friend who was able to access the note you shared to explain to the friend of yours who couldn't access the note, step by step, exactly how he was able to do so. 

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