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(Archived) Feature Request and clarity please

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I have a two part post here... I am new but I know about searching before I ask. What I've foudn thus far is similar but not was I was looking for so here it goes.

1. Tag Filter on Search - Lets say I want to do a search on a particular tag called "Insurance," the available tags for selection should ONLY be the remaining tags in the notes that are available. So my tag of "Banana" should not be available for selection from the list. Because it is not associated with "Insurance" in any note. However, the "meeting" tag is still available. Did I somehow over look this?

2. Why is it that the system cannot search inside a word document? Lack of MS Word developer support? Knowledge? License issues? I'm just curious about this not that its a huge issue.

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Gheeezzzz I hate it when I don't search well enough... but got it...

Metrodon - Windows 7 - I figured this was an overall reqeust not specific system

Peterfmartin - Can't believe I missed that! oh well... well maybe they will allow an option to purchase addon on the client side machine (I understand the burned on the cloud)

**thread closed**

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