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(Archived) Feature request: Auto tagging by date.

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I am moving my PDF management from Yelp (on the Mac) to Evernote for greater syncing versatility. One of things Yelp did though, that I liked (and evernote doesn't), is auto-tag notes by the date created.

If I add a note today (November 28), the note would automatically get tagged with 2011,November,and 28. The day is of questionable use sometimes, but year and Month would be awesome. Auto nested notebooks would do the trick as well.

Clearly not everyone would want this, so an option to turn it on and off would be nice...but I'd have it on, that's for sure. It's most useful for when I scan in bills. They'd be nicely distributed across the months and years without havnig to fuss with tagging them each time.

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Doubtful EN would add auto tagging by date created since...there is a date created. You can create a seach on the dates created/updated:

From the "Attributes" panel on the left side, you can specify a "Created Since" date and a "Created Before" date to limit the view to notes created between a pair of dates.

Or, manually, search for:

created:20080401 -created:20090401

As far as bills/letters/invoices/etc go, for several years (a few years before even using EN), I use this method:

Yeah, I haven't had really much need to recall any of my receipts or things I bought, but it is nice to know that they are there if I need them. Right now the only tags I have for them are individual tags for each store. I used to have a notebook stack called receipts and individual notebooks for each store but I quickly saw that this would get complicated real fast.

Using the title method I described above, you don't need a notebook (or tag) for each store. (Again, I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me or having problems using my methodology. So if you're agreeing with me, then apologies...) I would simply apply one tag (receipts).

Here's one of my examples:

"Me too. I think people new to Evernote have a tendency to over tag (I did) and not utilize the EN search engine. I have hundreds of documents in my EN & almost never tag them. But I'm diligent about using an accurate title. I always include the date of the bill/letter in YYYYMMDD format as well as the company or the name of the sender/recipient (if it's something I sent). So if I need to find the Cox cable bill from May of 2007, I'd simply do this search:

intitle:cox 200705*

and boom...out of thousands of notes, the one note I'm looking for pops up, no matter what notebook it was in. And no tags involved."

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Oh I know I can find it with the right search criteria, but that's fiddly. If I end up needing to browser a set of bills, I would search on the bill type, get a heap of them, and there would already be a tidy tag for each month helping me distinguish them at a glance. I usually don't want to search one, I want a set so I can look at trends. I use the tags to browse the results of my search in a specific order.

It's a personal preference admittedly, but it's been useful for me. I'll live without it, I am still tossing Yelp on it's ear, but it's a categorization tool I still associate with my bills.

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Following the search terminology BNF mentioned, you can find all notes by month. So you could, in five or ten minutes, go through them all and tag each of your posts by month. Of course, you'd have to keep doing this manually as time goes on and you add new posts, but you'd have, without too much effort, the tag system you want (minus the exact dates, which it seems you don't need).

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