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Editing Note Link Labels/Titles


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I just started using the Note Links feature, however when i insert a link it shows the entire link address. How do I shorten the label? In Word, you can edit the label, but when you hit the "edit" button (right click) it looks like you can only edit the link address. Thanks for the help.


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Hi Dan, welcome to the forum :blink:

I had a similar issue, in that I wanted to change the name of the note link to be used in multiple notes.

There are 3 options(that I came up with), that you could make use of.

1. Delete some of the note title. (in the note link)

  • Copy Note link
  • Paste into note
  • Delete some of that pasted link (you can delete some of the green text with backspace/delete button)

2. Use the note link feature.

  • Copy Note link
  • Type the text that you want the link to be
  • Highlight and press Ctrl + K
  • Paste the note link
  • If you want to, change the colour of the link (since EN thinks it is an external link it defaults to blue, but if you wanted you could change it to green, to indicate that it is an EN note)

3. Temporarily rename the Note.

  • Rename the note title to what you want
  • Copy Note link
  • Paste into note
  • Rename back to the original name


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I tend to use a different method for links -

  • Write your surrounding text including a reference to (for example) this link.
  • Highlight the relevant word(s)
  • Cntrl-K to bring up the link box
  • enter the full link and click OK
  • your text now reads:
    Write your surrounding text including a reference to (for example) this link.
    (just as an example - it links back here)

If you already pasted your link into the note in full, just type your shorter version and highlight it. Copy the full link, highlight the shortcut and Cntrl-K.

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Guys, this is great and I got my link titles to be what I want them to be. Thank you. Now, about changing the color of the link. It was the color I wanted it to be before I pasted the link in, now its blue. How do you change it? When i highlight it and change the color, it doesn't "stick". Thanks again for your help. I am becoming a real Evernote believer.


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