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(Archived) Editor Gripe

Steve T.


This is my first post, so I guess I shouldn't be negative and call it a gripe. So, how about a feature request?

Mac OSX 10.7.2, Evernote Premium 3.0.3

Disappointed in the editor. I don't expect a full blown capability like MS Word. But, I think the editor is missing some pretty basic functionality for 2011, almost 2012. A few examples: can't insert a row into the middle of the table. Can't move to beginning/end of a line/paragraph. The only formatting provided is very rudimentary. I understand the EN use case and agree with it. But formatting is often times critical.

Please make it a priority to improve the editor capabilities! Thanks!

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I also disagree. I'm sorry to see Evernote spending so much time and energy on text editing functions (across all platforms). It seems to be a drift away from what I thought their core mission was: a product where you could clip, store and easily retrieve information. Instead, there seems to be some giving into the pressure to turn it into a note taking (as opposed to note storing) program. It's a brilliant information storage program. It's a lousy dedicated word processing (outlining, task management, calendar) program.

Evernote, if you're listening, don't give into feature bloat! ;)

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I think offering more and better note-taking facilities is fine; yes, Evernote is great for note storage and retrieval, but she is a hungry elephant, and the more ways we can find to feed her, the better. Note creation is one of them, and offering the minimum, on all platforms, is a good thing. Of course, the question of what counts as minimum functionality is where the debate really comes in. But I seriously doubt that adding something like, say, predefined styles, would make it any harder to user (the opposite, I believe), much less add the much decried (unjustly so, I think) feature bloat.

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The feature bloat comment was mostly a joke (hence the emoticon). However, given the amount of traffic on the forums that text editing issues have generated, it doesn't appear to be at all a simple thing. I'm guessing that getting it right is consuming a lot of development hours. If i were in charge of prioritizing, which, obviously, I'm not, I'd move it way down the list.

Just my opinion and, quite possibly, a minority one.

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i disagree because i use other dedicated software like word or excel for that kind of stuff. but, i think many people feel the same as you.

i do not want any formatting capabilities at all, but if evernote is going to turn this program into a quasi-word processor, then i at least want the option of a true simple text mode. at the moment, even my unformatted text appears to have hidden formatting. any chance we can get simple text (unformatted) by default?

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Good point. Two editing modes - unformatted and "more-featured" would be great. Allow the selection to be made via a preferences option and everyone is happy.

I'm not asking for anything even remotely close to a full-featured app like Word. Just more than what EN is giving me today. In particular, I'd really like to see better capabilities to edit tables.

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