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  1. Good point. Two editing modes - unformatted and "more-featured" would be great. Allow the selection to be made via a preferences option and everyone is happy. I'm not asking for anything even remotely close to a full-featured app like Word. Just more than what EN is giving me today. In particular, I'd really like to see better capabilities to edit tables.
  2. Evernote 3.0.3, MacBook Pro w/OSX 10.7.2, ViewSonic VX2450 24" LCD monitor. Evernote is the only app I've found that has this problem. Literally every other app from TextEdit to Chrome to MS Word works perfectly fine. When I display EN on the MBP's monitor, the text font is crisp and clear. No problems at all. However, when I move the EN window over to the secondary monitor, the text in the note list and the note itself becomes "washed out" and jagged. To the point that it's unusable in that all I can focus on is the poor text. As mentioned above, every other app works perfectly fine. Drag a MS Word window from the MBP monitor to the secondary, and I don't notice any difference in the rendering of the fonts. I've tried using different fonts in EN and always have the same problem. I've swapped out to an older monitor and the problem remains. I'm a recent Mac convert from Windows, so I hooked up the ViewSonic monitor to my Windows laptop. EN displays the font identically on the laptop monitor and the secondary in Windows. This only seems to be a problem on the Mac. I have only a rudimentary understanding of how fonts work in OSX and am not sure how to troubleshoot this further. Logic says that this is an EN issue, as it's the only app the exhibits the problem. Any suggestions?
  3. This is my first post, so I guess I shouldn't be negative and call it a gripe. So, how about a feature request? Mac OSX 10.7.2, Evernote Premium 3.0.3 Disappointed in the editor. I don't expect a full blown capability like MS Word. But, I think the editor is missing some pretty basic functionality for 2011, almost 2012. A few examples: can't insert a row into the middle of the table. Can't move to beginning/end of a line/paragraph. The only formatting provided is very rudimentary. I understand the EN use case and agree with it. But formatting is often times critical. Please make it a priority to improve the editor capabilities! Thanks!
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