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(Archived) pasting text - option to have it all directly in black font color?



Hi everybody,

I regularly copy a lot of yellow text from a website into Evernote. When pasting it there, it stays yellow. As I always have to manually mark it and change the font color: Is there somewhere an option that every pasted text is standard black? That doesn't keep the original color/formatting? Would make my Evernote life a little easier - or at least a functionality would be nice, that I could click on the little color square in the icon bar and it changes to a current pre-chosen color without having to choose it in the "color circle" again (like Word does - if I click on the color icon there, it directly changes the marked text - if I want to change the pre-defined color, I click on the little arrow ...)

Hope this doesn't sound too complicated, English is not my mother language. Thanks for your work and help.

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Cmd+Shift+V will work, but text will not automatically be pasted in black; it will take the color of the text (or would-be text in the case of spaces or line breaks) where you are pasting it. So if you paste it directly below yellow text, it'll probably turn out yellow. Make sure to place where the text would be black. (This is not a problem in a new note.)

While Cmd+Shift+V should work for the issue you've raised (text color), for full formatting removal when pasting, I often use this annoying workaround:

Here's my (Mac-only) workaround that no one will like, but maybe one person will copy and see that it's worth using, given the sorry state of Evernote formatting right now:

Notational Velocity has no formatting and opens instantly. Therefore, when I need to paste something into Evernote without formatting, I copy, open NV (from the dock), paste, copy from NV, paste into EN. Of course it adds two or three seconds to the process, but it literally adds only two or three seconds to the process, so when I need no formatting, it's worth it.


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Thanks a lot for all the answers, really appreciated! Cmd+Shift+V works for me, the color is black when including Shift. (The Evernote note where I paste it always is black - that's why I don't have the problem peterfmartin has ...) Awesome, you made my day! Thanks again to everybody for all the hints!!

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