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How are you using Evernote to organize Thanksgiving recipes?

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Evernote is *excellent* for capturing recipes for holiday gatherings.

In fact, my numero uno usage of Evernote has been to keep my uber-collection of recipes under control, and having Evernote on my phone makes those shopping trips so much faster and easier.

Whether it's an old family recipe typed in from memory: http://www.evernote....246c0a23ac1a38d

Or a recipe clipped from the internet, but used so often now it's dog-eared: http://www.evernote....1c2e801f2cf86f2

Evernote has made my holiday feast preparation super easy.

And then, when people ask me for my Buttermilk Pie recipe at the end of a dinner, instead of having to stop everything and find a recipe card, then copy it out, or turn on the printer, etc, I can just send them this:


It's great.

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Buttermilk Pie?!?!? ...reaches for the Crestor...

Got off easy this year, my Mom is doing almost everything (yes, we offered)... we're bringing cider, and I am making cranberry sauce (very simple)

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Hmmm.... Buttermilk Pie must be similar to what my midwestern relatives call Sugar Cream Pie. (One our our family recipes.) I remember, decades ago, visiting family in the midwest & having to pack two (frozen) Wicks Sugar Cream Pies in my carry on, when returning. (For family back home. Or else no ride home from the airport.)

AND...based upon Heather's post...I am going to try note sharing b/c I need to send someone a recipe.

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Interesting that when I tried to clip the shrimp cocktail recipe using the clipper extension in chrome, all I got was the header. I tried with both 'clip article' and 'clip full page'. It was only when I highlighted the text and pictures and did a 'clip selection' that I was able to get the recipe into my system.

Shrimp are in the brine now!

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