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(Archived) Using Evernote as GTD and general reference

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I use Evernote heavily as gtd and partly as a general reference. All my notes are in one notebook and I use tags to seperate and structure etc along with custom searches.

I am thinking of using it a lot more for making my office paperless but am not sure if at this stage I should split my GTD and everything else into 2 notebooks to make it easier to view and navigate.

Does a search search across notebooks or only the one that you are in?

Let me know what you think is the best approach to this?



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I am a bid advocate of a limited number of notebooks. I use 7

Search can run across all notebooks (default) or specific notebooks using Notebook:abc in the search field.

Some folks rely on just one notebook, but in your example, I think separate notebooks for Personal and Work would be helpful.

GTD tags and projects could be applied to any of the notebooks.

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I have some notebooks for offline use, but otherwise, just one. In your case, a personal and professional tag would perform just like a notebook. If you want to look at your personal stuff, search "tag:personal" and for your professional stuff "tag:professional". If you are anything like me, then you have an unhealthy mix of the two, so this avoids the need to figure out which folder it goes into, and it produces exactly the same information on the screen that you would see if you had divided them into notebooks.

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