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(Archived) I prefer old web clipper on Mac !


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Is there other person who prefer the previous user experience concerning the web clipper ?

On safari 4, the oldest version just launch the evernote app and create a new note directly inside the app. It was really more efficient, because we can access directly to all the functionality with real comfort . Add a long comment directly inside the screen capture, add images etc...

Now we must do this in few boring steps :

1 - Catch my page.

2 - Try to enter keywords ( if I hit Enter when i want to add new tags by error my note is clipping etc.)

3 - Waiting for clipping ( not so long )

4 - Open evernote

5 - Waiting for synchronization

6 - and just at this moment, i could edit and arrange my web clipping

Before :

1 - Catch my page

2 - automatically open evernote app

3 - Could edit and arrange my web clipping in my usual user interface

If like me you prefer the previous user experience, comment this post ;-) Hope Evernote read our suggestion and propose 2 different option for clipping : the new and the previous way.

PS. I'm not an english native... Be indulgent with my writing style ;-)

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I'm sure they have not forgotten. As Metrodon said, EN was forced to change it due to changes implemented by Apple & out of EN's control. Sometimes, there's only so much one can do & apparently what they've implemented is as good as they can do for now.

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Sadly, they seem to have forgotten that the clipping feature is the primary way in which people interact with the system.

I'm not sure if that is true - I very rarely clip things and from what I've read on here there seems to many many use cases that have nothing whatsoever to do with clipping.

Nevertheless, it's pretty clear that the experience is not what it was and Evernote have said that they are continuing to work on it.

I'm not sure what else you can realistically expect?

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