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  1. There was an answer before that these threads are being monitored. But I can understand the last post. For me Imagesharing via FTP was essential. I even wrote my own litte skript that would allow all kinds of annotations for the uploaded files. Booomm … all gone in the new version. Sure, evernote bought the product and finally can do to it what it wants … as we have the right to take a hundred dollar bill and burn it to light our cigars :-) … In the end we vote with our loyalties … that said I have my own little theorie why nothing is happening here. It's true … they got a "Sh*t storm" in this thread from many old users but then again I guess the new distribution channel App-Store (and them being featured in it) produced sooooooooooooooo many new users and downloads that we are probaly obselete at this point … just a theory. I for one am glad I can still use the old version and once the OS doesn't support it anymore and Skitch doesn't improve his recent "downgrade" I will vote with my feet and switch to another app. Best regards Max
  2. Hello, I can understand the need to simplify and to unify the expirence but this was done backwards as this is isn't the Mac-Version of a famous iOS-tool. The history was just the other way around. But apart of that… let's assume the goal of simplicity is to be obtained: meaning the challenge is to simplify and unify (with iOS) but still take the app seriously. Therefor the real magic is in hiding complexity but making it available if necessary in an intuitive way. So this is my constructive criticism: How about … … adding little "pop-outs" to the big icons on the left (like on the color icon) that allow to choose different sizes of the tool in question. This would be different sized arrows, text or pixelation degrees. … making the borders draggable again for cropping … extending the preferences screen with the FTP-uploaded feature. Please add a file-naming-syntax field (for example timestamp/app/etc.) this time and a URL that works with a placeholder rather then a simple append. … test the number of clicks and try to bring them down on any task. Add a mode like little snapper that snaps a app-window with drop shadow! … if allowed by the App-Store just give people the menubar-icon back Re-Release these fixes under 2.01 and this incident will be forgotten. Best regards Max PS: As much as I hate trolls and trolling I must agree on the comment about internal Evernote politics. If such a release is done with such a disregard of the user-base it opens the question how my private data at Evernote is being treated. If the privacy decisions are based in the slightest way on similar criteria … I must expect the worst. Meaning decisions only serving the interest of Evernote but not design-decisions in the interest of the current User-base. This is so far just a faint feeling and I hope I am proven wrong as I am still full of enthusiasm that Evernote-Team learns from this mistake and corrects them! By the way: this update is in the same league as the epic fail by Microsoft on the Skype-MAC-interface after they purchased the company.
  3. Skitch 2.0 thumbs down! I upgraded… checked it out. Didn't find anything but the message "made for unprofessionals" and "newcomer". This update disregards all the power-user being project manager, software-architects and so forth that used the product to communicate and annotate Designs etc. Then it disregards everybody that where using Skitch with FTP. I had Skitch as part of my workflow and uploaded screens to my server containing a PHP based viewer (including short URLs and much more). I downgraded… and this will stay this way until Skitch Pro 2.0 is relased or somthing similiar is done that restores the functionality. I also really missed the different sizes of arrows and text etc. Regards Max PS: I must agree on a previous comment "why did evernote buy Skitch?". The current Skitch is so basic that it doesn't justify the purchase they could of done it by themselves. If it was because of the brand Skitch built up... that is based on its userbase. So this updowngrade makes no sense to me. It's like if Microsoft would buy Evernote and remove all the premium features and the API.
  4. Hello, I found a third-party solution: http://www.tastyapps.com/websnapper/ It captures full images/PDF and saves them in Evernote (local) if you want it to. It even has a Safari-Plugin! So not true that there is a tech. Problem. Well at least not with Safari. I think they just try to avoid every body using there maximum Upload-Limit and have the PDF.Premium feature (scan text) work day and night. Back to capturing nice design! Horray!
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