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(Archived) Making Tags useful in Notebooks


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Currently I can browse by tags or I can browse by notebooks. But I can't mix the two. (Searching does not count as browsing).

My suggestions:

1. Add a new sort method. Currently we browse notebooks, and then see a list of notes, sorted by date. Add a "Sort by tag" feature. This would group the notes by tag instead of date. This would at least allow us to scroll through the list of tags within a notebook, whilst seeing what notes belong to each tag. Currently impossible.


2. After selecting a notebook and entering that view, have an item at the very top (before the list of notes begins) called "Filter more..." which allows you to narrow down the list even more by selecting tags. Of course, we should be able to select "either/and" for whether 2 tags add filter each other out or not. And the list of tags should most definitely only contain the tags that pertain to the notes in the currently open notebook.

I have been asking for this for years, and will continue to do so periodically because I think it is so important.

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I have asked for virtually the same a number of times.

**I'd like to have a tags tab (of sorts) on every item that can be tagged (a note, or a notebook) such that clicking that tab opens a dropdown list of all said tags which then of course can be clicked to open its notes.

This would begin the semblance of potential outline structures in evernote.

** It would be great also to have a settings option of hiding tagged notes from list they were tagged from.

So if I have a Notebook of 65 notes and 8 are tagged the option would be there to only access those notes via the tag dropdown list.

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It's great that it's on your list. Without trying to be pushy, may I ask if it is a priority (ie, something we'll be seeing within the next few months)?

This is such an important feature to me that I actually hold off on using Evernote to browse and read my notes, and just end up using it to note stuff. Today I looked at the Web browser interface for the first time in a very long time. It's actually better than the dedicated app, in that you can choose a notebook, then collapse the notebook list and contain to filter down by tags. Even better is the option to hide unassigned tags. I think that if the browser version works well in Firefox on an android tablet, I will probably end up using it instead of the android app.

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Evernote doesn't really tend to publish their roadmap of features. It's best just to deal with Evernote as it is, rather than as we hope it would be.

To tell the truth, the Windows client has had sorting by tags for a long time, and -- for my purposes anyways -- it doesn't really have much practical use, unless your tags are very specially named (e.g., I have some special tags that have '_' as a prefix; these will sort before other ones), but alpha tag name order don't really have much intrinsic meaning. Doesn't mean that this is not a fair request, mind you.

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