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  1. That is true. They are independant. But try it. It works as I explain.
  2. Hi, I'd like to request the Android client work like the desktop clients with regard to tags. On the desktop clients we can choose a Notebook. Then when we click on the tag icon we just see the tags that apply to the current list of notes. This makes filtering by tags a poewerful second pass at narrowing down the list of notes. Now in Android, even when we have chosen a Notebook, if we try to filter further by tag we are faced with our entire list of tags for all Notes in all Notebooks. Please bring Android up to speed with the Desktop clients in this regard. Thanks
  3. Seems there is a dedicated Feature Requests board now. Could a moderator move this to that board please?
  4. My yearly post to highlight this issue again. Simply put I want to be able to choose a notebook (ie, Food) and then see a list of tags that have been applied to that notebook (ie, there's no point in me scrolling through thousands of tags that apply to all my other notebooks) Please make the tag list in Android filter down to just the tags that have actually been applied to the list of notes in the current view. This is how the desktop apps work.
  5. Aaannd they killed the feature with the latest update. I guess the functionality that I want so much is just a bug in the eyes of the Evernote designers.
  6. You have to do a search. Just do a single letter search. Anything to get into that interface. After that a button called "Refine your search" appears that lets you filter by tags within your current notebook.
  7. So now you can choose a notebook and then filter by by just the tags that are applied to notes within that notebook. Great to see this feature implemented on Android. I've been asking for it for years. A couple of caveats and thoughts though: 1. On the tablet version it works as expected but on the phone version, when you try to refine the search you get the flat list of all tags, irrespective of the notebook you have chosen. I am guessing this is a bug since the phone is the only place where the functionality works like this now. Hope it gets fixed soon. 2. A request. Instead of having to initiate a search, and then refine that search, couldnt we just have a "Refine your notes list" button at the top of the notes list as soon as you enter a notebook? I find myself doing pointless single letter searches just to bring up the "Refine search" button. I'm so glad to see this functionalty finally being added. I was always reluctant to go premium until now because I felt that Evernote on mobile devices was a good notetaker, and reasonable note searcher, but terrible as a note browser. Once the phone version is fixed I will upgrade to premium.
  8. Android v06 is beautiful. I almost skipped a heartbeat when I saw the new search features highlighted in the blog post about the update. Alas, like all the previous updates the browsing method is purely cosmetic with no change to the underlying functionality. I think it has been about 5 years since I first started posting here about this simple functionality. I guess I'm nothing if not persistent...
  9. Thank you for replying. I love Evernote for Android but this issue is a big one for me. Let's keep this thread alive.
  10. Another beta comes out, but still this most basic of browsing functionality nowhere to be seen. It is clear that the evernote team see the value in such a browsing approach because this feature is in both the windows and mac apps. Please bring it to mobile.
  11. Just to bump this topic. This feature is very important to me. Without the ability to see just the tags that apply to a filtered list of notes Ever note will never be a good study aid for me. The Mac version of the app I'd fantastic in this regard. Its what keeps me using ever note. Its both visually intuitive and powerful. Please bring this functionality over to android too.
  12. Hi Jefito, I tried v4.5 beta 3 on Android to see if you were correct. Unfortunately, it is still the same old method of browsing. First let me illustrate exactly what I want to be able to do with a real world example: 1. Open a Notebook. (In my case: Japanese Vocab) 2. See a filtered list of tags that only apply to notes in the open notebook. Choose one. (In my case perhaps: Politics, or Sciences) 3. See a nice manageable list of notes and be able to flick between them in order to copy vocab items between them, etc. But even in the latest Beta filtering by Notebook, or by Tag are independant actions and filtering by one doesnt affect the other. If you filter by Notebook in the advanced search, you are still presented by a list of all of your tags in the tags section. I am vaguely hopeful that things are changing in the right direction. In the latest Mac version of the app, opening a Notebook now gives you a narrowed down list of just the relevant tags to that book. Hopefully that browsing method will eventually spill over to the Android app too.
  13. Vulcanbomber, That sounds like a reasonable solution, except then what's the point of having notebooks? My point in this thread is that I want to be able to browse using a combination of notebooks and tags. At the moment it is one or the other.The only way to really utilize tags and notebooks together is to do a search, but that isn't a good way to browse notes, its only a way to get to something you are specifically looking for. Shepard. I tried the android spring pad client again and found that if you rotate the tablet to landscape that yes indeed you can see the tag names for all tags that belong to a notebook. To be honest I am going to slowly start migrating notes over to that service and see how it works out.
  14. Wern, thanks for the reply. I am requesting this functionality for the android device. Personally I think that much of the appeal of a tablet is the ability to pull it out quickly and take notes when something occurs to you. Note taking is pretty easy in ever note, but what's the point if you end up with lists of notes so large you end up being intimidated every time you open a notebook. Rockky, after you mentioned Springpads ability to do what I am asking for I went to check it out. Unfortunately it doesn't do it very well. There is a way to filter by tag inside a notebook but you can't see the names of the tags which seems kind of pointless to me. To be honest though, this is such a fundamental part of the browsing experience for me that I think that I will go whichever of the two services sort out the issue the fastest. If I end up sticking with evernote I think I might have to give up on tags altogether and just use the sub notebooks feature to enforce a reasonable navigational structure onto my notes. That would make for a nasty long list of notebooks though.
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