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Evernote: Secret weapon for writing anywhere

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Summary: Having a hectic daily schedule, I often end up writing wherever I happen to be, using one of my mobile gadgets. One secret weapon in my arsenal makes it all work seamlessly.


This is actually how I've been slowly piecing together a novel. Minus the text to speech, I'll have to try that out sometime, though my inspiration doesnt tend to pop up on quiet porches with dogs, but rather crowded, noisy places.

It would appear EN's lack of "robust" editing tools doesn't get in his way, eh?


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In response to Owyn's linked article there is no need to paste into the html editor - the current version of Wordpress has a "paste in plain text" option that you access by clicking the "kitchen sink" button in the WYSIWYG editor.

I just added a bluetooth keyboard to my iPad and I have Evernote on my iPhone. Definitely nice to compose ideas and posts anywhere. I used to use google docs - I much prefer Evernote for this because it is so good on each device.

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