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(Archived) Firefox clipper - separating tags


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Is there a keyboard method of terminating tag selection in Firefox Clipper? (I'm using with Firefox 7).

The problem behavior is this: If I type a tag name into the tag field on the clipper dialog box, the only way I've found to complete the tag selection is to use the mouse and click on the one tag in the dropdown list that I want to choose. If I do that, EN inserts a comma after that tag and I can go on to the next one.

If I type a comma, it selects whatever portion of the tag I've typed.

If I press enter it sends the clip to the web

(Note that I use this add-on only to clip to the web, because if I use it to clip to the desktop application, the Evernote main screen pops to the foreground each time -- not desirable behavior. Development is aware of it and there's a thread about it.)

A complicating factor is that the tag selector has a tendency to pick up parts of more than one tag name.

So ... is there a keyboard shortcut that will allow me to select one tag and go on to the next without turning to the mouse?

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Tab will work if I only want one tag, whereas usually I choose more than one.

It also doesn't work well if I start typing a tag name whose first letters appear within the name of another tag. For example, if my goal is a tag called "Paris2012," the first tag selected in my group will be "Home Repair," with the "pa" the letters chosen and marked in bold. If I continue and type the entire tag, I can enter a comma and start on the second one, but the tag name does not format to indicate it's been selected from the list.

I guess what I'm looking for is behavior like I see on the desktop client.

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Just tested this in FF7.

Start typing your tag until it appears in drop down list.

Click on tag in dropdown list.

Dialog refreshes to show selected tag followed by tag and space.

Repeat above until all tags selected.

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Well, yes, but it's the "click on" part I'm trying to avoid.

In the desktop version, it's

type a few letters, pick the tag

press enter

go to the next tag

In the clipper, the enter key terminates the clip dialog and uploads the clip. I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut that more closely duplicates the desktop behavior.

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Right. Enter in the dropdown will add the currently highlighted tag. Enter when there's no dropdown causes the dialog to trigger the clip.

Similarly, but not identically, tab in the dropdown causes the currently highlighted tag to be added, but when there's no dropdown, it changes focus to the next input control (Comment or Notebook, I think).

Probably better if it was identical to the desktop client's entry method (don't know whether the desktops are identical in that respect), but unless you're a died-in-the-wool keyboard afficionado, it's certainly usable.

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