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(Archived) encrypt/decrypt via iPhone client?

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Is the ability to encrypt or decrypt note text included in the iPhone client? If so, how do I do it? If not, is this planned for a future release?

Thanks. I know you've got your hands full with feature requests. This feature will tip the scales and allow me to dump Yojimbo for an all-Evernote solution.

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This is not currently supported on the iPhone. The encryption/decryption feature requires that the local client perform cryptographic operations that we have not yet included in the native iPhone app. This code is a bit complex, but we're interested in adding this in the future.

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Hi Dave,

any idea as to when this may occur? in the next 6 weeks? 2009? since there are applications such as Lockbox on the iphone maybe Apple has added the library support now?

Just hoping. Evernote looks awesome with the clients and syncing, but I need that encryption piece on the iphone for it to be useful.

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Hi --

I just discovered the encrypt feature, and see it has been implemented to some extent already on the iPhone. I can decrypt a note I decrypted in Windows, and when I exit that note, it is automatically encrypted again. That's great.

However, I would like to request a feature that stores the decryption password for either a session (until I log off, for example, or until the phone is locked either manually or automatically, or the like). If I have several encrypted notes, it would be nice not to have to type the password over and over again.

Thanks for listening -- Barbara

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