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  1. Thank you so much! One comment - on the Extensions page, you have to enable the Developer Mode switch in upper right to see the Load Unpacked option. I don't think I ever asked to update the extension. It just stopped working and then I found out an update had been released. I stopped being an early adopter long ago. :-)
  2. Can you post a link to 6.13.2? I have hunted around but haven't been able to find a download link that actually works. Thanks!
  3. Looking at the extension page in Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/support?hl=en-US - many people, including me, are having issues where it basically isn't working. Please check those comments. Is there a way to download the pre-upgrade version of the clipper?
  4. Sorry, should have said Mac. Apparently it's not available on Windows - lucky you!
  5. I imagine this has already been posted, so feel free to point me to the post because I wasn't able to find it. I want to be able to double-click on an image and open it, like I can in every other application on earth. I can't believe that you hijacked this universal functionality without giving us any way either to choose how we want to go into presentation mode or to disable it completely. Please bring back the ability to open an image like a normal human would want to. Thanks.
  6. Just updated to 6.0.6 and no change. So annoying and unnecessary!
  7. The text of the referenced page is contradictory. It says "You can also customize each type of Smart Sticker and associate them with any notebook and up to six tags." This implies six tags per sticker. Later it refers to both "the tag" (singular) and "the tags" (plural) associated with a sticker in the same step. My guess is originally the design was multiple tags per sticker, which is what was documented (I'm a tech writer). Most likely the feature was dropped and changed to a single tag before release, but not in time to have someone thoroughly edit and correct the page. This dropping of features at the last minute before release is the bane of the tech writer's existence. Multiple stickers per tag would definitely be useful. It would also be nice to be able to buy tags separately. I have a jillion (physical) notebooks and can use the page camera with any of them. The stickers are all I need.
  8. I just upgraded to the most recent EN for Mac (6.0.5) and do NOT like the fact that there are no longer separator lines between the info at the top of the note, the note title, and the note content. (I use Snippet view.) Now each note looks like a big blob of info. Was this change actually requested by anyone? I can't imagine it was, and also can't imagine how this task rose high enough on anyone's to do list to actually be done. Please bring this visual differentiation back. This is why I so often hate updating software - people change things for no apparent reason and it makes things something I'm very used to and comfortable with less friendly to work with. I'm attaching pictures of what it looks like now vs. where lines used to be. I find the latter so much easier to scan. I'm not sure all those lines were there, but there was some way those areas were delineated from each other. Is there a way to revert to the previous version? Thanks -- Barbara
  9. I'm still on 5.6.2 and I get nothing for a checkbox when I paste into TextEdit. So I'm thinking it went away a while ago.
  10. I just had to install Evernote on a new Mac and it seems to be working differently than I remember on my old one (which is temporarily not working). I selected a tag so that only notes with that tag are listed. I recall that if I searched for something, without explicitly adding tag grammar to the search box, it would search only the currently displayed notes. In this case, ones with a particular tag. Then if I wanted to broaden the search, I would click the Remove Tag icon at the top of the list. But what is happening is that searching has the effect of removing the tag condition in my list. IOW it automatically searches all notes, not just the tagged ones I am looking at. If I click the Clear button at the top of the search results, I go back to the list that contains only those notes with the original tag I selected. Am I going nuts? Do you have to use tag grammar in the search box to search within a specific tag? I'm using 5.5.1 and don't see any indications anywhere that there is a newer version. Thanks -- Barbara
  11. Am I misunderstanding how this should work? If I select two tags in the sidebar, I want to see all the notes that have either tag. That is, if I have tag Red and tag Blue and I want to see all my notes that are tagged Red and/or Blue, multi-select in the sidebar won't do it. It will only select those that are Red and Blue ==> null set This is counter-intuitive to me. Is searching the only way to do this?
  12. I'm on the newest Mac release (5.5.0) and I can't find any option to create a nested tag. The only way I can do it is to create a tag and then drag it on top of the desired parent tag. There is no "create tag in parent" option when I right click. Am I just not looking in the right place?
  13. Oh duh. I get it. The announcements section IS what's new in this release. Never mind - I've been in front of the computer for too many hours today.
  14. I've got a notice in the Mac App Store update tab that there is an update available for Evernote. Every other program lists what the changes are when an update comes up. Evernote just says "Get the latest news and updates from Evernote in the new Announcements section." What Announcements section? Where is it? How can I find out what's new in this update? Does this mean that after I get the update, I will see what's new? Um, no thanks. The whole point is for me to decide whether I even want to update, so I would like this info to be available as it always has been in the past. I even searched for 5.2.1 (the version number I'm seeing in the App Store) on the Evernote site and came up empty. What gives? Thanks -- Barbara
  15. Also along the same lines, to be able to select a stack to make all the notebooks in the stack available offline. The way it is now, I have to choose each one, then the list kind of jumps to a funny place and I have to scroll down, then I choose, then it jumps etc. One of my stacks has about 15 notebooks, so this is very tedious. ICS on Galaxy Note.
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