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(Archived) Sync failing with 404?


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Evernote Build 193673 VVersion 3.2.1 (public)

HTC Incredible on Verizon

Last sync failed at ... - HTTP Response code 404

And yet the connectivity is just fine via other applications.

Lack of sync makes evernote on my phone pretty useless. (And the day before I plan to demo it to a group of people ... sigh).

I note that not many posts are getting answered here, but anyone have ideas? Have rebooted phone, for one thing. Tried both WiFi and cellular network connections.



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This issue happens when a note gets corrupted while uploading.

We have already identified and fixed the problem..but it would take sometime to push the fix out.

Meanwhile you can continue using Evernote by deleting the problem note. Unfortunately corrupted note cannot be recovered.

Start Evernote -> on evernote's home screen-> press menu options -> select sync -> you will see a failed to upload note notification -> click on the notification to jump to the note and then delete that.

Now, you would see that sync would continue.



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I have the same issue but with the 3.3.1 version (build: 207341).: the 404 message appears on each synchronization try.

Although the message is recurrent, it seems that the synchronization works well both ways.

The quick fix proposed by Hemant is not available in this version as no notification appears.

A Evernote log is available at evernote:///view/14330354/s129/9dd05430-c1ae-4037-9a6c-28f3a3b71868/9dd05430-c1ae-4037-9a6c-28f3a3b71868/

I would very much appreciate any help.



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Its annoying not being able to diagnose the problem, but a slightly less drastic solution to completely uninstalling is to go into settings > applications > manage applications - Find evernote and clear all the data.

You'll need to give the app your log in details again, but it then will restart the sync with the data online.

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