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  1. I hate to post a "me too", but evernote has become my everyday tool for so many things and I wanted to be a little more specific about the versions of android this is affecting. Both my phone & tablet have displayed invalid package. Tablet is: • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on honeycomb android 3.2 Phone is: • Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 2.3.5 The widget correctly installed. I hope that this gets resolved quickly. UPDATE : All resolved. Installed correctly on both phone and tablet with no bother this morning. I didn't need to do anything with clearing caches on the market or anything like that, so I assume that either Google or Evernote fixed something. I do wish people wouldn't use the rating system on the market to report issues. Perhaps the market description could do with a link to the forums for support?? Stephen
  2. Its annoying not being able to diagnose the problem, but a slightly less drastic solution to completely uninstalling is to go into settings > applications > manage applications - Find evernote and clear all the data. You'll need to give the app your log in details again, but it then will restart the sync with the data online.
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