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  1. I just removed Evernote from my Kindle, and then re-downloaded it. Immediately on running it says "Update Available". So I tell it to download the update, which goes to the Amazon Store Evernote page, but there's no Download option - only "Open", as if it were already downloaded. Open just opens the existing version on the device. It continues to remind me that there's an update available, but I seem to have no way to download and install it. Any clues? Additional information that would be helpful? The Evernote version on the device appears to be 4.3.5. Thanks, Leo
  2. I'm having the same problem. (No Macheist). I am premium. Version 3.3.1 (300245) Anyone?
  3. Every time I post via email I get a response from Evernote telling me additional things I can do with email. Great, I've seen that once I don't need to see that email message for EVERY note I email in. How do I turn that off? Thanks, Leo
  4. Excellent... that did the trick. Didn't need that note anyway :-). Thanks again, Leo
  5. Evernote Build 193673 VVersion 3.2.1 (public) HTC Incredible on Verizon Last sync failed at ... - HTTP Response code 404 And yet the connectivity is just fine via other applications. Lack of sync makes evernote on my phone pretty useless. (And the day before I plan to demo it to a group of people ... sigh). I note that not many posts are getting answered here, but anyone have ideas? Have rebooted phone, for one thing. Tried both WiFi and cellular network connections. Thanks, Leo
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