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(Archived) Evernote for Kindle Fire?

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I'm wavering on whether I want to get the Fire now or later. As Evernote is a major factor in my decision, I'd like to know if there's an Evernote app for the Fire in the works, or if the new Amazon Silk browser supports the web-clipper.

Thanks! Evernote has become as necessary to me graduating as my Kindle is. If I can combine the two . . . :)


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Hi Crystal,

There is an Evernote app in the Kindle Fire listing. I bought Fire yesterday, so I just installed Evernote. I don't know for sure, because I have only just installed the program. but a quick look suggests that the clipper doesn't work. I have to play a little more on it. Unless someone else can advise ...

Only problem I have with the Kindle is that we do not have a Wi-Fi at the office that I can use to browse - yet. I am thinking of downgrading my phone and getting a Wi-Fi unit that I can take anywhere ... The wonders of modern technology, eh?!

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Hi all,

After attempting and messing with this on my fire, os version 6.2.1, it seems like the clipper doesn't work when downloaded OOTB. You may be able to install chrome on the kindle (you can make it happen. Google it there's another thread about it) and install there? But alas it looks like well need to wait for sometthing native to Fire.

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