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(Archived) Stolen computer, help!

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Hi all, might seem like a very basic question but I just got my computer stolen and need to know if I can block any changes to my notes by whomever has my computer right now by simly changing my Evernote login password... or do I need to do anything else?

>Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear about your computer.

I believe that if someone were to make changes and sync them, the server would see that it's the wrong password and not sync until the correct password is given. I'm not sure if (s)he could look at your notes after you've changed password (maybe Evernote automatically check while online). But it seems like your information could be compromised if you have something very confidential there.

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Yes, changing the password to your EN account will prevent someone from changing any of the data. However, if you had EN set up on your desktop to automatically log you in, they will be able to see your notes that are stored on your computer. As Yellowrasberry said, if you have any sensitive info in your notes, then that could be a problem. You don't say what client you use. If you're talking Windows, if the thief is savvy enough, they could even look at your notes by looking at the database alone, unless you have the database stored in an encrypted volume (IE Truecrypt) and the encrypted volume was not mounted.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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