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  1. Yeah I had been doing that, but I have a lot of notebooks, and I thought this might be a automatic and free alternative that keeps the notebook data intact. But if it is difficult restore with those files I may keep doing it the old way, it doesn't take more than five minutes to export my most important notebooks, I just forget to do it.
  2. Hi, Google just launched a new app that replaces Google Drive called 'Backup and Sync'. I just wondered if it is at all useful if you for whatever reason wants a "third" place to keep a copy of the database. I'm not really willing to pay for time machine or an external drive during this time. I just pointed the app toward the Evernote database in the Application Support finder folder. Might this disrupt something or is it a safe way to backup a database?
  3. Thank you! The 'clear all history' didn't occur to me but those instructions did the trick.
  4. I can confirm this. It is after the latest Sierra update (10.12.4) that the Evernote Web clipper simply stops working. As in when clicking on it nothing happens. The other person I heard of was also using a similar (2013ish) MacBook Air but I have no idea if that is relevant. Tried uninstalling the clipper and restarting Safari but it just won't work anymore.
  5. I am now a days asked to log in to the safari Web Clipper everyday. Often several times a day. In the past it has always periodically asked me to log in. guess because safari doesn't save cookies forever (deletes monthly?) but to log several times a day is ridiculous. On the plus side it seems that since the Clippers update it saves my preferences after I've logged in. So it doesn't try to 'smart file' and I don't have to reconfigure it every time. I'm not sure if the increase in being logged out has to do with new Web Clipper or that I've begun using the 'Freedom' app which blocks web access.
  6. Thanks for the reply, that is good to hear, sort of. That means the problem lies with me. It's not totally unusable. I tried immediately after the 6.0 upgrade to uninstall Evernote (I deleted the App as well as a few folders, so it would resync from the server), but to no avail. I did not, however, follow the uninstall instructions to the letter. I see now that I was supposed to reboot, for example, and there may be more Evernote application support folders that I missed. I'll hold on until the .1 and .2 updates come and see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise I'll try to do a more proper uninstall/reinstall.
  7. I can report the same sluggishness or 'unsmoothness' (on the 2013 MBA) that simply wasn't there in 5.6 . According to the activity monitor it consumes around 100 mb I assume it's a performance bug, but despite repeatedly posting about it I have yet to receive a comment. I hope they have not decided that Evernote is no longer meant for ultraportables. I mean the Macbook Air is a rather popular product, featured in Evernotes own marketing. Is anyone having a smooth performance on their Macbook Air?
  8. I've been reading some complex suggestions of how to implement proper hierarchical tag trees. But I don't see why this shouldn't be the easiest thing in the world: The first thing I did, which happened to be obvious to me, was to right-click on a tag (with child tags) to see if I could find a hierarchical option. Imagine that when you click a tag, in addition to 'rename' and 'delete' there was an hierarchical option that would make that particular tag tree behave that way (this is what taggy does but I don't use OSX right now). The only thing that I really take issue with is that people act fatalistically and appear resigned on this issue ('that's just how it is now' and 'I don't see Evernote changing it anytime soon'). Remember that Evernote is a company that must be responsive to its users. That flip answer one dev gave about how some might prefer it the way it is didn't even care to answer the question - you can make it optional for just the particular tag tree that you like, it doesn't have to bother people who like in non-hierarchically. Talk about an evasive answer. Again, this is something a non-developer made and implemented on the Mac client over one weekend. At least Evernote should know that the users aren't resigned to how things are, nor satisfied that adding this organisational option is such a momentous task. I like Evernote and will probably continue to use it, but it's clear that increased competition in this field can only do good things to the corporate culture here.
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