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(Archived) Feature request - deleting a synced file removes that note

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I'm using the "Import folders" tool to store files in Evernote.

It would be handy if Evernote reflected file deletions. This is the functionality I'm looking for:

  • [*:27a5zqoi]file.doc added to watched folder
    [*:27a5zqoi]file.doc note created in Evernote
    [*:27a5zqoi]file.doc deleted from watched folder
    [*:27a5zqoi]file.doc note also deleted in Evernote

Otherwise, my notebooks are going to fill up with files that I no longer need. And having to delete something in two separate places might get bothersome.

Edit: Moreover, a new version of a file should not generate a new note. When a change is detected, Evernote should update the existing note, not create a new one entirely.

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The way I handle it is to make my import folders "delete" folders; I copy a file there, it's imported into Evernote and then deleted from the import folder. If I need to edit the file, I do it from Evernote. Evernote is built to sync between client and cloud; why add another level of complexity (file system to Evernote client)?

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