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Push changes to package attached to a note



I have an OmniOutliner file that I have attached to a note in Evernote. When I attach the file Evernote gives me a warning that the OmniOutliner file is actually an OSX package and that it will be attached as a zip file. This is fine. However if I open the attached zip file, edit the contents with OmniOutliner, and save the OmniOutliner file there appears to be no way for Evernote to know that I have changed the file and want an updated zip file of the OmniOutliner package attached to the note.

Am I doing something wrong or is push functionality for OSX packages not available?

Edit September 30, 2011: Note this is not solved by choosing the "Open With" dialogue when right-clicking on the note in Evernote because the OmniOutliner file is saved a zip file and then OmniOutliner on my Mac doesn't know how to open zip files.

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Anyone have an idea about this?


I have many OmniOutliner, Voodoopad, and a few Scrivener files stored in Evernote. Because these files are packages stored as zip files, they can be opened only through Archive Utility. This is fine if I just need to open and look at the file, but if I want to make changes, I have to duplicate and save a new copy, since any changes made to the original are not pushed to Evernote.


Is this a problem with Evernote or with Archive Utility? I notice that the zipfile icon has a small lock on it. Does Archive Utility have a preference for saving changes? If so, how do I find this? 


Pages documents are also packages, but I have no problems with these, as they are not zipped in Evernote. In the past I have used DevonThink and Together; in both applications all of these file types (Omni, Voodoo, Scrivener) are available as Quick Look. 


I use Evernote for virtually everything now, and would hate to have to move these attachments. :(  Is there any way to link files to Evernote which are stored outside of the app?

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