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  1. Have used it for about 200 business cards and saved me a lot of time, thanks a lot for this! it is not malware and worked fine for me in a virtual machine on a Mac
  2. Great work,thanks a lot for sharing this, if it works will save a lot of time to many users, have been looking for something similar for a long time, great job!
  3. I am wondering as well,after 3 years the same problem is still present
  4. +1 for stylus input on android,have been using EN for quite a long time,but this is a really important function. exporting files from S-Note to EN doesn't work really well,they are just PDF attachment and unreadable unless you download them,so it is not usable. In the meanwhile have been using LectureNotes on Android with Dropbox syncing and OneNote on Windows as well since they allow stylus input,but right now having data in different places. Hope it will be released soon,I am considering to move to OneNote since scattering the information in different places is not convenient and as much as I like EN the stylus input is a must for me.
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