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  1. I have an OmniOutliner file that I have attached to a note in Evernote. When I attach the file Evernote gives me a warning that the OmniOutliner file is actually an OSX package and that it will be attached as a zip file. This is fine. However if I open the attached zip file, edit the contents with OmniOutliner, and save the OmniOutliner file there appears to be no way for Evernote to know that I have changed the file and want an updated zip file of the OmniOutliner package attached to the note. Am I doing something wrong or is push functionality for OSX packages not available? Edit September 30, 2011: Note this is not solved by choosing the "Open With" dialogue when right-clicking on the note in Evernote because the OmniOutliner file is saved a zip file and then OmniOutliner on my Mac doesn't know how to open zip files.
  2. Evernote Version 1.9.0 (83438) has very high CPU usage only when in Mixed View and when I'm using the 64-bit kernel in Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro (I don't have other Macs to test this with). When using other views with the 64-bit kernel or when using any views when booted into the 32-bit kernel Evernote behaves normally with minimal CPU usage. Has anyone else noticed this behavior and found a fix for it? Is this a bug for the Evernote team?
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