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Hi, I am using the latest version (Full Screen) of Evernote. I can't see any way of looking at a notebook in any other way than date order.

Have I missed something? I would like to look at all the notes preferably in order of the title.

Can anyone help please.

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There are some other buggy things too.

1. I can't view my notes in list view when full-screen.

2. When I returned to normal window view, I now have a large area of semi-transparency. It seems to be a window overlay, as no mouse events get 'through' it - as in scrolling or clicking won't work in the area.

It is part of EN as I can hide it with EN.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 10.19.01 AM.jpg[/attachment]

3. When entering full screen on dual monitors, there is a border of 'rubbish' around the window.

My main display is an external monitor, with the second display as the laptop 13" which is smaller. I usually keep EN on the second display. Entering full screen puts EN onto the main display, but still at the same size as the laptop screen. There is a resulting border on the right and bottom of the screen to fill in the space.

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Thanks for reporting. We've noticed those before and are trying to track down the bug. Thanks for the screenshot, the bug shows up slightly differently for me, but is useful to see different manifestations.

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