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(Archived) HELP - All my Evernotes were lost

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Until this morning I was using normally using Evernote. But suddenly my notes simply disapeared, from my iPhone, iPad, Mac and Web. I'm desperate, because I had really important notes there and only now, after the problem occured, I noticed that it's possible to backup the notes.

Basicaly, I need help to recover my lost notes. It would be great if I could, for example, recover the notes from yesterday. Is that possible?

I still have a free account.


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Would you please update us about your situation when you get a chance:

1. How/why were your notes lost?

2. Were they able to be restored?

3. What backup mechanism are you referring to? Export?


Hi Richard.

I didn't receive any answer from Evernote's team, but as soon as I have any news I'll share with all of you.

Answering your questions 1 and 3:

1) I don't have any clue how my notes were lost. I was using Evernote just like everybody but suddenly the notes disapeared. Every device I synchronized lost the notes, lefting only 7. The tags of the notes are still on Evernote.

3) Yes. I was referring to Export. After my notes were lost I made a research and found this tool (unfortunately, it was too late).

Thanks and I'll get back if I find a solution.

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the only backup system I found was Export.

This thread is in the "general discussion" section. If you're using a Mac or Windows desktop, there are better ways to do backups (IMO). You should search the appropriate section on the term 'backup' because it's been discussed quite a lot.

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