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(Archived) Use of evernote for bookmarks?

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I am a big user of google bookmarks and use the google toolbar so they follow me where ever I am (or well most places, not very well on my iPhone etc as google bookmarks website isn't great on iPhone.)

Does anyone else use evernote for the bookmarks and if so how do they do it?

Do you have one article?

Do you have multiple articles with multiple tags etc?

Let me know how you use it...



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I came from Delicious to Evernote. Imported from Delicious, Google Notebook, and local bookmarks to Evernote and just started using Evernote to find links.

The biggest learning experience was to stop tagging everything extensively. With clipped content, you don't need tags to find links.

My local bookmarks are now reduced to a few very frequently accessed sites. The are also saved in Evernote in a "Bookmarks" notebook with tag "bookmark".

I almost always have the Evernote web client open in a browser tab. I use it to find the links I want, and click over to them. Quick and easy.

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