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Throughout my work day I make frequent notes of events in a daily log in Evernote. Also throughout my work day, I often consult documents I've stored in Evernote. This is almost always on my Android phone.

Unfortunately, with the current Android client, this becomes a pain. Usually my log is open and being edited at any given time. If I need to access a document, I do this: Tap save, tap the upper-right places menu, tap Notebooks, tap the notebook I need, tap the note I need. Read the note. Tap the upper-right places menu, tap All Notes, long-press my log, tap Edit. Repeat many times per day.

It would be far more efficient if I could simply have multiple notes open at the same time. One tab with my log open for editing, one or two other tabs with documents I can refer to. I'm sure there are many other use cases where multiple tabs would be useful.

I find myself wanting to fake this functionality by putting my reference documents in my email, or some other application, so I can have them open in the other application while editing my log in Evernote, and just switch between the two with application shortcuts. But then I lose a lot of the other benefits of Evernote (like easy sharing of those documents with coworkers), which I'm reluctant to do.


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I would vote for this feature as well. It come to my need quite often. And yes sometimes I use another note apps temporarily to take my note (e.g minutes meeting) and use evernote to get some reference notes. It become unpractical later when we have to copy that back to evernote, assigning note, tags, etc and can not really use those rich text formating straight away.

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