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  1. I recommend Kosterby's workaround: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/ mv www.evernote.com ~/Documents ln -s ~/Documents/www.evernote.com I did this five months ago and the issue hasn't bothered me since.
  2. The workaround described by Kosterby is working for me, for the moment. This will make me more patient waiting for a real fix
  3. My workflow: Every couple of weeks, an employee scans a couple dozen graphics-heavy documents, which the scan software (ScanSnap) automatically turns into a PDF and uploads to a company Evernote account. Then I go through and rotate pages on the (many) occasions that the software doesn't correctly detect orientation. I used to just right-click on the PDF, select "Open" which launched Preview, scroll through and occasionally use Cmd-L or Cmd-R to rotate pages, then close the window. Done. Now when I rotate pages, I get a message: "The original document can't be changed, so a duplica
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