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  1. It actually doesn't bother me anymore. I totally don't need the tag editing feature on the Android app. You wanna know why? It's quite simple. I have stopped using Evernote! It has been over a year, I think ... yep, I used to be a paying premium customer. Not anymore, because I have found a more flexible alternative. Google Drive to the rescue! If Evernote had listened more to its paying customers, I would have never even thought of unsubscribing ... it's quite a shame...
  2. Try saving an attachment to SD card, changing it, then attaching it back to the note (you may keep the old file just in case, if you want).
  3. *bump* This feature request is still very relevant for me. I'm hoping that more Evernote users would recognize this as a need as well. It boggles my mind how this is still not implemented into the Android client for Evernote. Mike.
  4. Hello. I have a bug to report. When I move a note to a different notebook or update its tags, the note list doesn't get updated until I press the back button and enter the list again. This becomes a little frustrating, because it hadn't been like that before. Whatever you did to the note updating mechanism created this issue. Please address it as soon as reasonably possible! P.S.: This seems to happen to lists (either by notebook, or by tag) that I open inside Evernote. This doesn't seem to happen when I open a list through a shortcut on my home screen. Also, I restored to build 218192 (Version 3.5 Beta 3), and this problem went away. Thus, the bug probably entered with Beta 4. I hope I'm clear enough for you to duplicate the bug on your devices! -Mike
  5. I have a suggestion for item #1 I believe it would slow down the app if the search starts at the first character. I use tags in a similar way, but I've figured out a workaround. I always insert a space after my prefix in all of my tags, so when I do a search, I simply type the prefix and hit the space bar, and all the tags with that prefix show up in the quick search menu. Give it a shot! I don't think it's a hassle at all, especially if it keeps the app running smoothly.
  6. What version of Evernote are you using? Sounds like you have an older release/beta. I just tried everything you've mentioned on the latest beta, and it works just fine (adding items to lists, that is). Mike.
  7. Dear Evernote Please enable these simple tag operations on the Android client. The lack of these basic tag-manipulation capabilities significantly handicaps my use of Evernote on the go. I should NOT need the access to a desktop to rename, delete, or move MY tags. For some reason this makes me feel like my tags aren't mine on the Android. I can't do anything to them! I know I've already made this request. I don't care if no one else cares about having this feature. I will not stop needing it until I stop using Evernote altogether. I apologize if I'm coming off as rude. I'm just very tired of this limitation. Thank you for listening and understanding, Mike
  8. Dear Evernote It would be very convenient to be able to "jump" to the tag of a note from the list of the note's tags. In other words, when I open the "View note info" dialog box, for instance, I'd like to be able to touch one of the note's tags and view all the notes that are tagged with that tag. That would be an awesome feature for the desktop version as well. I think this will make navigation through the Evernote database much more flexible and natural. I often find myself opening a note and wanting to quickly access a tag of that note to see related notes, but that particular tag would be like 5 steps away, where it could have been just a touch away with this feature. Think how much richer the user experience could be! (It could also easily apply to this kind of quick access to a note's notebook.) Another awesome addition would be the ability to quickly switch between a tag's notes and its child tags. Right now, you have to press back and reopen the tag in the note view or the child tag view, assuming you accessed the tag from the tag tree. What if you came to the tag from a shortcut on your home? or from the above feature scenario? I believe that the distance between a tag's notes and its child tags should be one touch. Now these two features could make navigating through the Evernote database as smooth as butter! Thank you for considering this humble suggestion. -Mike
  9. To indent: Control + M To un-indent: Control + Shift + M These are the shortcuts for Windows. Try them on your Mac.
  10. Yeah, that's pretty much the case for me. Most of my notebooks are set for offline access on the Android client. However, I keep some notebooks out of the offline pile for PRN, or as needed, access. This is usually reserved for really heavy notes that I rarely need when I'm offline. Therefore, I appreciate Evernote leaving me the choice of which notebooks I want to access offline. Always good to have options, eh? Glad to be of service. -Mike
  11. Offline access to notes and their attachments is already a feature on the Android client, but you have to be a premium member to enjoy the feature! I had the same issue until I realized it. Read here about the features of a premium account. Specifically, scroll down to the table to the row that says "Offline notebooks (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)" I've been a premium member for a while now, and I'm telling you, for the amount of work that Evernote does to listen to our input and to keep improving at the pace that they're going, it's definitely worth the $5 a month, or $45 a year to support these guys! (not trying to advertise - just giving you my opinion.) -Mike
  12. IMO, Swype beats any slide-out keyboard hands down. The only thing better than the Swype keyboard is a physical keyboard that you can touch-type on.
  13. I'm the fastest when I type on a real keyboard, but I can Swype faster than I can write by hand. I'm using the latest beta version of Swype 3.6. Works really well for me. (I also have SlideIT, but the little things on Swype makes it so much easier to use - like the ability to switch the capitalization of an entered word. SlideIT definitely has some great features, but I don't think it's up to par with Swype yet - even with it's latest version 4 update.)
  14. I agree. The ability to quickly switch among multiple open notes would greatly improve the Evernote experience on Android. -Mike
  15. + 1 This would be nice to have! -Mike
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