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  1. It actually doesn't bother me anymore. I totally don't need the tag editing feature on the Android app. You wanna know why? It's quite simple. I have stopped using Evernote! It has been over a year, I think ... yep, I used to be a paying premium customer. Not anymore, because I have found a more flexible alternative. Google Drive to the rescue! If Evernote had listened more to its paying customers, I would have never even thought of unsubscribing ... it's quite a shame...
  2. *bump* This feature request is still very relevant for me. I'm hoping that more Evernote users would recognize this as a need as well. It boggles my mind how this is still not implemented into the Android client for Evernote. Mike.
  3. Dear Evernote Please enable these simple tag operations on the Android client. The lack of these basic tag-manipulation capabilities significantly handicaps my use of Evernote on the go. I should NOT need the access to a desktop to rename, delete, or move MY tags. For some reason this makes me feel like my tags aren't mine on the Android. I can't do anything to them! I know I've already made this request. I don't care if no one else cares about having this feature. I will not stop needing it until I stop using Evernote altogether. I apologize if I'm coming off as rude. I'm just very tired of this limitation. Thank you for listening and understanding, Mike
  4. To indent: Control + M To un-indent: Control + Shift + M These are the shortcuts for Windows. Try them on your Mac.
  5. Am I really the only Evernote user who would find this type of flexible tag management extremely useful on the Android client? I fiddle with tags much more often than I do with notebooks. Having to go to the desktop client every time I add a new tag in order to move it to the appropriate parent tag in the hierarchy is frustrating at times. In the way I use Evernote on a daily basis, the lack of good tag management significantly handicaps the Android client for me. Many of the great changes in Evernote happened by popular demand. Dear fellow Evernote user, if you would like this feature on Evernote, please speak up! Thank you! -Mike
  6. Improved notebook and stack management was an awesome addition. However, in my use of Evernote, I find a bigger need for an improvement in tag management (more specifically renaming tags, moving tags to a different parent tag, or making a tag parentless). Please consider adding this feature!
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