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  1. From my experience it still take a bit time learning how to swype (checking the tutorial could also give you some useful tips), after that while you can type moderately fast. I found we don't really have to 100% precise swyping our finger across all characters, it's pretty good predicting a word. And able to mentally map/visualizing where all characters are could help (well if you use computer or full keyboard phone quite often, pretty much you know where they are ).
  2. I use swype keyboard on my galaxy S II, work like charm. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  3. I would vote for this feature as well. It come to my need quite often. And yes sometimes I use another note apps temporarily to take my note (e.g minutes meeting) and use evernote to get some reference notes. It become unpractical later when we have to copy that back to evernote, assigning note, tags, etc and can not really use those rich text formating straight away.
  4. Hi Jaffray, thanks for the tips on long pressing one, that's a bit better.
  5. It is great! just one thing that I realize when we edit a note, it is like open in floating window & left some screen unused. I think it's better just to open a note in full screen, so when we have our keyboard we use the rest of the screen to display the text at most. Cheers.
  6. Frankly I am not sure if Evernote android do auto-save. I took note during my group meeting and sermon. They are a lot of pause in between (and I could switch to another apps) I just want to make sure I will not lost my note. Currently there is only save button and that will close note straight away. If we can have another button just to save without closing the note that will be great. Cheers.
  7. When we open a note, we have to click on menu then click edit. It will easier if we can have edit button straight away on top of the screen (beside current three buttons or replace one of any of them), as this is used very often. Like edit button that currently available for android tablet . Cheers.
  8. Some problem, I use samsung galaxy S and if I access http://www.evernote.com/mobile/ that give same status like yours. Sometimes I need to check my note from other's mobile & usually use mobile web version but it doesnt work now.
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