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(Archived) asset/inventory managment with evernote

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I am hoping for some ideas on this. I realize that Evernote is not designed to be an inventory management tool, but I have all the other aspects of this project in Evernote and I wanted to add this as well. I have about 15 rooms (each with a name), each with about 150 boxes (each with a number) and some containers (with numbers). Each item would have a description, a quantity, some specs like color and possibly a picture as well as its location. I would need to be able to quickly search the following:

1- The location (room number and box number) of a given item. possibly narrowing by a spec (all blue of item 3)

2- show all items in a room

3- show all items in a specific box (room 3, box 1 but not room 2, box 1 as they are different boxes)

any idea on a good tag/notbook structure to make this work for me? Anyone ever setup inventory management in Evernote before and have any tips?

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The simple answer on this one would appear to be:

Using Evernote mobile -

Take a picture of each item and create note with room and box tags.

Add extra descriptive text to note (colour, quantity etc)

Search as required.


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Some procedural things to add to above comment

- You will need to be premium user for sure, You stil might exceed the 1GB 30 day usage cap.

- Test quality and size of pictures before you go all out.

- Make sure you have good portable lighting for pictures. Flash might be enough.

- Create a new notebook Stack, eg. "Room Inventory"

- Create a new notebook for each room. e.g. "Inv-Room-xx". Set default notebook to room's notebook when taking pictures.

- Make sure each picture includes the Label(s) you have on the containers

- Use structured tags. eg. tags "INV-ROOM-xx", "INV-BOX-xxx"

- Replicate tag in note title e.g. "INV Room-xx Box-xxx"

- Crosscheck note count for a room to the physical container count

- Any additional details should be text in body of note and/or part of the external label.

All pretty basic.

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