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  1. My top ones: 1- Ability to Embed youtube videos 2- Ability to create a table of contents, or some other way to link to a specific section within a note 3- ability to view word/xls docs inline (like we can do with pdf) 4- Ability to use a tool like skitch to draw in my documents. not attach a gif but actually draw diagrams and stuff ontop of and next to my text.
  2. I am hoping for some ideas on this. I realize that Evernote is not designed to be an inventory management tool, but I have all the other aspects of this project in Evernote and I wanted to add this as well. I have about 15 rooms (each with a name), each with about 150 boxes (each with a number) and some containers (with numbers). Each item would have a description, a quantity, some specs like color and possibly a picture as well as its location. I would need to be able to quickly search the following: 1- The location (room number and box number) of a given item. possibly narrowing by a spec (all blue of item 3) 2- show all items in a room 3- show all items in a specific box (room 3, box 1 but not room 2, box 1 as they are different boxes) any idea on a good tag/notbook structure to make this work for me? Anyone ever setup inventory management in Evernote before and have any tips?
  3. Although probably not what your looking for, I wrote a script the other day that imports my tasks from Evernote into Remember the Milk (http://www.rememberthemilk.com). Remember the milk has a feature called smart add: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/services/smartadd/. I haven't played with it, but it should let you set due dates in the name of the task within Evernote then have the alerts in RTM. You can then have the RTM android widget remind you (or something like that). Just note: 1- This script uses my task list dashboard generator http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=26844 to get its data, so you would need to have that running as well 2- I built it on linux.. but just like the generator script, there is nothing linux specific and there should be no reason with a little tinkering you could not get it to run on windows within Cygwin or something, but I don't have Windows to test. 3- Its a one way sync.. Evernote to RTM.. not the other way around. No editing the tasks in RTM, only display. 4- Ive put less then 2 hours of work into this (mostly because I could not sleep), so don't expect too much. If there is any interest in this, I would be happy to clean it up a little and post it to the forum some time next week. Let me know. -J
  4. My mistake, there is a big button to send you back to the page you just clipped. Still can't get the evernote page to remember me when I check the remember me box
  5. I am sorta able to do this now. There's an app on the market called bookmarklet free 1.5 . This comes with a evernote rule in its list of built in rules. After adding this you get a second evernote option on your share via list. This one clips the whole page nicely. Only problems are that you need to re type your password every time and you don't get sent back to the page after submitting. It also doesn't work sending selected text, but the original share option works with that, so wo cares.
  6. written and running on my Fedora 13 linux box right now. Not tested on windows.
  7. I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I wrote a php script to generate a single note that has links to all my documents with unchecked checkboxes and sort them into lists. I know I could use the search, but I wanted some sort of dashboard interface to my todo items. If you are interested, I placed it here: http://www.evernote.com/pub/moodwrench/sharedscripts/ Be warned that its kinda ugly and featureless, but I didn't spend much time and it suits my needs. If anyone manages to make it prettier, please send me a copy. Enjoy.
  8. After a week of Evernote on linux, I find that I use the ENScript.exe with wine to add many new notes from the command line (both scripted and cating files into it). With the only big drawbacks that it doesn't handle html parsing for some reason when creating notes, and the only output for a query is xml (no plain text). I don't know if Evernote plans on adding to ENScript, but it can be very powerful if it had a few more options.
  9. Can we get a plug-in for Dolphin to send the contents of a page to Evernote (like the clipper)? The share feature sends a link to the url, but no content. Ive seen the javascript hack posted, but the only Android browser it seems to work in is firefox which is terrible on the Android. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply and great work on the Android client in general.
  11. I have an Android and a premium account. I have a notebook with lots of photos. I wanted to save 1 photo to my sd card (to use as a wallpaper) but I didn't see an easy way to do this. I was eventually able to do it by using the email option and emailing it to myself, but this seems a bad method. I don't want to store the whole notebook offline as it is large. I would like to be able to just grab images from notes and but them in a specific location on my sd card whenever I see one in a note that I want. How is this done? Thanks
  12. Same thing here.. App on the desktop didn't work, but the one in the app draw works
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