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(Archived) Am I using it wrong? (I have over 20.000+ notes)

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I find Evernote immensily useful at storing my huge design / photography collection - I like having it synced at home and at work, and use tags a lot.

I have over 20.000+ notes - many of them which are big pictures. I'm about to import 7.500 pictures more. The Android app has completely clogged on me - it fills my HTC Desire's internal memory completely.

So now I'm thinking - was Evernote in general not built to having this many - and heavy - notes?

If not, what's the limit Evernote was built for? How many notes have the avery user got?

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I have many notes. (Just exceeded 40,000.) However, EN is not a photo manager. Free accounts are limited to 60 mb upload/month & 25 mb note limit. Premium accounts are limited to 1 gig upload/month & 50 mb note limit. If photography is either your avocation or vocation, you could quickly/easily exceed these limits, depending upon how you store photos.

I can't address your mobile device specifically. So I don't know if your immediate problem ("clogged" - your term) is directly related to your device or to your EN account. Perhaps if you were more specific & posted your concern in the appropriate section, you would get a more accurate response.

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I'm only an egg on the notes front (around 4000 in total) but some of those are rather large PDF files. I just downloaded the bulk to my Android 'phone and soaked up 3Gb of storage space but the advantage of having access to my data offline and the improved search speed is well worth the trade-off. The memory used is about 100MB with the app running. Searches are quick.

If your phone is struggling with all your notes installed, consider splitting your notes between two or more notebooks and only downloading the essentials. Your photo library forinstance surely doesn't need to be available offline? Or you could export thumbnails from your photo-management software including a link back to the original file. Easier and quicker to browse through but still giving you access to the full file when required.

I have a photography habit to feed, but manage my pics in Picassa and export thumbs as above.

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I'm an avid photographer (10K pictures in last year) and use Lightroom on my PC to manage photos and have quite a few stored, original size, on Smugmug.

I just started using Evernote in May and currently am only putting copies of key images, in jpg format, in Evernote. I'd love to go back through my old images, using Lightroom, and pick a select few dozen(s) from each year to save in Evernote. This would serve as a backup to my pc, external hard drive and smugmug. Plus, they would be searchable, by tags, from basically anywhere.

Anybody else using it for photos? Open to suggestions.

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