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(Archived) remove text decorations (bold, italic)

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I am an idiot? I try to remove italic and bold text decorations.

All my attempts (highlighting and clicking on format buttons) failed... how do I do that?

Can I highlight a text and remove all text decorations (bold, italic, underline, color)?

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You didn't say which Evernote client you are using -- it's usually better to post in the client-specific forum you are using, so you can get better replies (and other people using the same client will have a better chance of finding an answer to a similar question).

On the Windows client you can select text in your note, right-click and select Simplify Formatting. The Ctrl+ shortcut will perform the same operation.

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I have the same problem for a few months now. It's very frustrating... Evernote is a great app, but with the WORSE text editor.

I can't:

  • change fonts

  • change font size

  • switch bold / italic (but underline works!)

The problem seems to be using the toolbar that's on top of the note-taking window. I just discover something: if I open the Font styles window, I have to clic twice on the format that I want to apply to make effect, and if I have the window open, but clic on the "B" on the toolbar on the Font styles window the bold format is selected, but the style is not applied. Please Evernote, do somenthing!

I have reinstalled the app, and im using the last OSX version 2.2.3 (downloaded from website).


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