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(Archived) Layout request for new evernote



Hey, the New Evernote is very cool, could you consider putting the actual note-writing portion in the middle? It's disturbing in a feng shui kind of way to have everything crammed over there at the right! (Plus the Search box would be in the "right" place if you swapped the writing area with the notes list area.

Thanks for considering!

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Unfortunately for some unknown reason, the Mac version cannot accomplish the following capabilities:

In Windows, to get more space (full screen) and scroll through the notes with the up and down arrow keys, I toggle the F10 and F11 key to kill the Left Panel and Note List. This works in the Snippet, List, or Thumbnail view. When I find the note, or edit it, I toggle the F10 and F11 key back on again.

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I'm guessing that when Lion comes out Evernote will be updated to support full screen, maybe with some extra UI bells and whistles too and so little is likely to be done till then.

Of course Lion is only about 2 or 3 weeks away.

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