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(Archived) LiveScribe VS IrisNOTES

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I am looking at both of these products to be used with Evernote. They both have a pen and both cost $99

Obivously Livescribe has an advantage with audio capture and has an established relationship with EN... but what about the IrisNotes pen? Anyone using this?

Wondering how covert either product could be used while taking notes in front of a client. In consulting, not sure my clients would appreciate me recording the meeting. And, if I disclose it up front...this could undermine their ability to truly open up to me. Classroom setting? Perfect... not sure about one on one meetings.

IrisNOTE looks more like a standard pen but has that "little black box" that has to be attached to your notepad, any notepad. Livescribe has no box but has proprietary paper...

Looking for someone who can share experiences with either.

Here's a link to there pen: http://www.irislink.com/c2-1949-189/IRI ... rite-.aspx

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I've not used the Iris thingie. But I have a ~3 y/o Livescribe Pulse pen that I absolutely LOVE. I have a hard time writing legibly, all the things I want to remember while listening & trying to process what I'm hearing. So Livescribe is perfect for my needs. I love being able to make brief notes & later, play back the audio to refresh my memory. I would say, the pen I have does tend to draw attention. I have the display on the lowest setting but it still has a fairly bright display that says "REC".

My use is normally in the health care profession. Not b/c that's my profession but rather b/c I have a 94 y/o mother & all my sibs live in other states. So I'm the one who does the heavy lifting with respect to her health & well being. I think it's respectful to ask if it's ok to record sessions. But I bagged that idea b/c I do think people, especially in the medical field tend to be less "open" if they know they are being recorded. I record for my own benefit but wouldn't hesitate to use the recordings "to prove a point" should I ever need to. (I live in a one party state.) There are discussions on the LS message board about using something like masking tape on the pen, to hide the display. I've not done anything like that, yet. But I may consider it, since my mom continues to have more health issues.

With respect to Livescribe/Evernote integration, please search the board on posts by me with the word Livescribe. I've made a few posts on how I integrate the two.

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There's a big difference:

IRISNotes requires a "base unit" that you have to clip to the top of your notepad.

Livescribe has no "base unit", but you have to use special paper. IRIS can use any paper.

I've used the predecessor of the Livescribe for many years, and I like the convenience of only having to carry a pen and paper. With IRIS, you have one more thing to carry. However, with IRIS, you get a lot more choices of paper format and style.

Reviews seem to think that both pens do well with handwriting recognition, so it really comes down to whether you want to use your own paper with a base unit or special paper without one.

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Thank you LiveScribers! This is good info. I'll wait a couple more days to see if we can attract an Iris pen user for their direct take.

Yes, the "REC" light on the LiveScribe pen might need a piece of electrical tape over it to minimize attention.

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Update: I just found out Livescribe has an iPhone app that allows you to download & play your pencasts that have been uploaded to the LS cloud. I just downloaded it & played one of mine. Very nifty! I don't know if the Iris thingie has this ability or not.

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Okay I have been using the Iris Notes Executive 2 for about a week and a half now and I have to say I love it. I am only using it to digitize notes not the OCR part of that but. When I put them in my Evernote premium account they are searchable. Could not be happier.

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