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  1. PinkElephant: This is a decent idea. I guess the big question is how to create a PDF from each row of data in Excel; wondering if this would have to be done one by one or is there a way (with one command) to save all the rows at once to individual pdfs? Thank you, looking into it.
  2. I have about 650+ contacts in a Hubspot account and want to get them all into EN was a separate note. ( I crafted my own CRM in EN and it does exactly what I want.) So, I can easily export the Hubspot data to excel but cannot figure out how to then import into EN. EN allows import of the enex file only? Any ideas are welcome and I thank you for looking at this.
  3. Thanks AGSteele, will jump into it this weekend with the full install and then reinstall of v10. This may clear up my issues with the blank screen (in V10) and if so, I''m okay using as is as until improvements arrive.
  4. AGSteele, what do you mean install 10.3.7 over the top of the previous version. Not sure how to do this and could explain part of my issues.... - I open my desktop Windows version (10.3.7) this morning and all I get is a white screen. -And I too get the repeated update messages. If you could explain install over the top, that would be helpful. Thanks! K
  5. Huge issues like everyone else so am going to move to the Legacy version (6.25). I've been using Evernote since 2010; call myself a power user, but have never messed with my data files. Having never done this I have a question. You mentioned a "full uninstall". So, you are saying: Do the full uninstall first and then install the new (Legacy 6.25 version), right? I know, dumb question, but don't want to mess up/lose my data. When I do the Full Uninstall, does this remove the application and the data? Or just the application? (Just hoping when I sync with the Legacy version, all my data comes back from Evernote's servers.) Lastly, what is the best way to do the full uninstall? Thanks very much for the support.
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