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  1. Thank you LiveScribers! This is good info. I'll wait a couple more days to see if we can attract an Iris pen user for their direct take. Yes, the "REC" light on the LiveScribe pen might need a piece of electrical tape over it to minimize attention.
  2. I am looking at both of these products to be used with Evernote. They both have a pen and both cost $99 Obivously Livescribe has an advantage with audio capture and has an established relationship with EN... but what about the IrisNotes pen? Anyone using this? Wondering how covert either product could be used while taking notes in front of a client. In consulting, not sure my clients would appreciate me recording the meeting. And, if I disclose it up front...this could undermine their ability to truly open up to me. Classroom setting? Perfect... not sure about one on one meetings. IrisNOTE looks more like a standard pen but has that "little black box" that has to be attached to your notepad, any notepad. Livescribe has no box but has proprietary paper... Looking for someone who can share experiences with either. Here's a link to there pen: http://www.irislink.com/c2-1949-189/IRI ... rite-.aspx
  3. Good question Ben, I am wondering the same thing. I am not slamming the encryption ability in EN at all, but it is really lacking on operational information. The knowledge base is not helpful on this subject.
  4. I have the first password and it was a test password. So I guess to change the password system-wide for all notes is to (in any single note) right-click, permanently remove the encryption for that file...and then enter a new password. Right? The little pop-up says it's not recommend. Any idea why?
  5. Thanks for your note, but how do I change the existing password?
  6. UPDATED: When using encryption for the first time it asked me for a password. I used a simple password and now want to change it. How can I do this? I cannot find a way back to the password utility. The two screen shots below show what I'm running into. There is no way to change the existing password. If I enter a new password (in the first of the two images below), what happens to the first password....is it over-written with this new one? Yes, it's newcomer question and I'm grateful for whatever support I can get. Thanks, K
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