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Like others I'm not a fan of Snippet view and my particular gripe is that you cannot adjust the size of note pane on the right beyond a certain point, as the maximum width of the snippet view is fixed. :)

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In Windows, to get more space (full screen) and scroll through the notes with the up and down arrow keys, I toggle the F10 and F11 key to kill the Left Panel and Note List. This works in the Snippet, List, or Thumbnail view. When I find the note, or edit it, I toggle the F10 and F11 key back on again.

I was not able to find anything similar for OS X.

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@jbenson2: Thanks for pointing out this powerful workflow with EN Win using the F10 and F11 keys to show/hide these panels. This "feature" has been in the EN Win app since it was released over 8 months ago (Oct 2010).

But alas, it is not in the EN Mac app, as you pointed out.

I and others have pointed this out in other posts, but there has not been any response from Evernote folks.

@Evernote: It would be so very, very helpful to have the show/hide panel features in the EN Mac app.


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