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Trunk Request: Timer

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I have been using Evernote to store my recipes from the beginning. I recently purchased an iPad 2 and I've been using the Evernote app while cooking in the kitchen. Having my iPad there is a huge help and much bigger screen than my iPhone, which I was using prior. I was thinking that it would be even better if I could set timers in the recipes. I could press a button to set a 30 minute timer and my iPad would go off at the appropriate time. It would be ideal if the timer could be associated with the line item in the recipe, so I'd create the timer when I was editing the recipe in Evernote. That way if there were multiple timers in one recipe, I could keep them separate and it would be clear which is which.

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I don't think Evernote is just for taking notes. I do believe it's the heart of the service and its strength, but the platform can be used for other things. Evernote as a company encourages users to find other uses and ways to make their service more flexible. For that reason, I labeled my post as a Trunk Request. I wasn't suggesting that this functionality be added as part of Evernotes core, but rather an add on or even a web service. Like I stated, I use Evernote to keep my recipes and I had an idea that would enhance my experience. Quite a few of the services inside of the Trunk are apps built for other devices (iOS, Mac or PC) that are built off of Evernote. I actually got this idea after seeing StudyBlue and how they created an app that integrates very well with Evernote.

I was looking for a place that I felt I could share this idea and hopefully be seen by a developer, especially since they were asking for ideas for the Developer Competition. Now there is an App Idea topic inside of that thread, I will be sure to post this there.

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I wasn't suggesting that this functionality be added as part of Evernotes core, but rather an add on or even a web service.

I totally apologize. I misunderstood your intent entirely. You were on the right track and I hope I haven't derailed that.

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Much respect. I could have made it clearer in the original post. I hope that my response didn't come across as rude, I was just trying to explain further.

I should also note that I had never heard of Due before and I like the functionality and UI. I think I see a calendar button under the reminders. Will that push the reminder to your calendar?

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Up, need this feature too. More precision:

I work @ Xeuro/hour(s). Many time, I will work, I dont know, 1h37, next week 24mins, next day 3h45, and finally make a bill (when everything's done). And yup, I have many customers at the same time.

Everytime I create a Note per customer. And have a timer in the note could be nice for me.


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You could record an audio within the same note when you open a note and start typing.... Which should then act as a stopwatch of sorts because both can be done simultaneously. Then delete your audio attachment once you're done. Not pretty... but doable... and totally nonsensical. Like an inbuilt timer. It really depends on your use case... But I highly doubt Evernote will give us this one. Also, it doesn't seem like there have been many requests on this thread over the years...

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