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  1. Well, I'm not sure about it, but I can't check it without the phone. So I prefer to delete notes and hope the guys connect it to wifi or else and don't really check the notes 1st (in case he can understands what's going on in some of the notes). Maybe a total remote wipe (as apple's product) could be a good thing (in case of).
  2. Yes I ***** up, I'm mad about me more than about the tief ;
  3. Yes of course, and I will not have made this post... But I wasnt know that evernote having the possibilty to use a pin, and I never put pin on my phone beacause I use it to much to pin every 5 minutes. But well, have to change a toon of passwords as fast as possible now, let's go. Ok well, have print all the notes, then deleted all the notes from evernote, empty trash bin. Then have launch evernote on another laptop of mine, no need to chek password, login was ok (so I hope it will be the same on the phone). Evernote have sync, and then all notes have been erased.
  4. Dawn, I have 1st change my password, then think that it wasnt a goog idea, so i have change it to my first password, but then even whit that, I think the phone won't continue to sync again until the password is typed again. So I'm fucked.
  5. hello -Phone ben stolen -need to back up all my notes offline (do I have to print them all?) -so will erase all online notes -so when the tief will start the phone, phone will sync whit empty notes, and delete all the notes -will create a new account, and use my back up, or recreate all notes in my new account from my prints? -have many many confidential data on my notes, big troubles for me (ftp / mails / account acces from many society), so big big big big ***** if tief now how to deal whit these datas!!!! Is there any protocle to use in my case (do evernote team have somthing for this, a procedure, or I am on myw own? Do I have to print all my notes and then erase them all from my account? Any possibility to back up the stuff localy? Oh and (*****), bye the way, Im not shure but maybe there is the "use evernote offline" or something like this activated on my phone. Please help if you have a better idea then what I will do..... regards
  6. Up, need this feature too. More precision: I work @ Xeuro/hour(s). Many time, I will work, I dont know, 1h37, next week 24mins, next day 3h45, and finally make a bill (when everything's done). And yup, I have many customers at the same time. Everytime I create a Note per customer. And have a timer in the note could be nice for me. regards
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