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  1. I don't know if this is possible, which is why I'm asking. I would like to group my notes into sections. Each section needs two subsections. I'm looking for a way to easily see how many notes are in each section/subsection. Real-world analogy: I have a piece of paper with a line drawn down the middle splitting the page into two columns. Throughout the day, I write little one-line snips on the page. Some of the stuff goes into the first column; some goes into the second. When the first column gets full, I turn to a new page with two new columns. I know Evernote won't create a new "page" automatically, but if I can see how many notes are in a "page" then I can create a new "page" manually. The problem is, the first "column" gets full at 30, but the second column on that same page can have anywhere from 0 to 30 items. If I saw the count for the "page", it would show the combined total and I'd have to do some actual effort to see if the first "column" was full. But I need everything on the "page"-- both columns-- to be grouped more-or-less as a unit. (I'm experimenting with using Evernote to implement this task-management system.) Tags? Notebooks? Stacks? Saved searches?
  2. Thank you, BnF. However... I also frequent the forums on Mark Forster's site. Mark Forster is a time management consultant that has developed a series of techniques or "systems". One of the tenets he has discovered is that you should capture everything in ONE place. David Allen suggests using as few "inboxes" as possible. It's a theme echoed many times over from many different "experts". This is the main reason I struggle with Evernote on my iPhone. I want only one place to capture my notes. But I have to use a second app for handwriting. And I have to use a third app for rich text. (In the works, I know.) And I can't do mixed-content notes on the iPhone at all. Another of Mark Forster's tenets is "simplicity". Switching to a second app for handwriting not only throws me into a second "inbox", but having to remember to send/sync/email that back into Evernote complicates the process... especially if I want to go back and edit that handwriting note later. By the way, I apologize if my overall tone here sounds harsh. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I still use Evernote. These are just some of the concepts that keep it from being "top shelf" for me.
  3. The iPhone app did it for me. OneNote on iPhone cannot: [*]Search [*]Record audio notes [*]Record ink notes (Unfortunately, neither can Evernote) Oh, and the image OCR in OneNote is horrendous!
  4. Couple of supporting viewpoints: * 'That's a great idea, it's on the list * Minus 100 Points And there's also UserVoice.
  5. I found the same. That's good enough for me... for now. But then, I'm not much of a cook. Maybe as my needs grow, I'll find better or the app will improve. I see this as well. I wish I could figure it out. The bottom line for me, though, is that the grocery list benefits outweigh using EN for recipes. Everyone is different, though.
  6. I don't know. I'm currently evaluating Vlingo because it also has location-based reminders. And no, your response didn't come across as being rude. Much respect in return!
  7. I totally apologize. I misunderstood your intent entirely. You were on the right track and I hope I haven't derailed that.
  8. http://www.dueapp.com/ Evernote is for taking notes. Timer apps are for keeping timers. RDP apps are for remote access. OpenTable is for making reservations and Facebook is for social networking. There may be some blurry lines out there (notes / word processing?) but I think this one is pretty clear. Just my opinion, though.
  9. Do you have internet availability on your phone? If not, then it's probably because only "favorite" notes are available for offline viewing on mobile devices.
  10. Why I switched? At the time, there was no OneNote for my iPhone. There was no note sync between devices / computers for OneNote. There was no searching within images in OneNote. (There's no searching at all in OneNote for iPhone. wth?) There was (is?) no usable tagging in OneNote. There still is no audio note in OneNote for iPhone. The one, biggest, most important thing that I miss was said most elegantly by shawnholt: That's a profound statement and is the main reason why I'm trying to get OneNote to work again.
  11. I love EN. It's the best way I've found to organize and access my notes. However, I seem to find that EN's capacity for creating notes, especially on iDevices, is falling farther and farther behind. For audio notes, there's not really anything complicated. You hit "record" and talk until you hit "stop". Coupled with the Voice2Note service, EN does okay here... but only when coupled with some kind of dictation service. (I wouldn't find audio notes worthwhile if I couldn't search them, no matter who's app created them.) What's the state of the union on handwriting? Penultimate? Inkiness? Can anything on the market export ink notes to EN in a form that EN's image OCR supports? Better yet, does anything on the market support true 2-way sync of ink notes with EN? It would be great to jot a handwritten note and save it, then be able to search the text in EN, then be able to later go back and edit the note again. What about rich text? Essay by Holtwick Dirk? I don't need Pages, but a couple of header levels, bold and italic, maybe a few font sizes, bulleted and numbered lists... And what of apps like "Mental Note" and "iNotes"? These appear to be great apps for creating notes-- especially mixed-content notes-- but is there any way to get those notes into EN and have them searchable (especially the handwritten portions)? Has anyone actually tried out either of these two apps? I am constantly bragging about EN's "access anywhere" features and search features to my friends. But I'm finding it harder and harder to get my ideas into it. Without data, the tool loses value quickly. I'm just wondering what efforts or alternatives there are to address this. [Edited for grammar.]
  12. I'd like to bump this thread. I'm so used to hitting Ctrl-Alt-1 for a "Header 1" style in MS Word that it was completely dumb-founded when I couldn't even find a drop-down list of preset font and paragraph styles or any way to define my own styles. I don't need a fully-functional format painter or even a full-fledged style designer. A simple equivalent to h1...h3 would go a long, LONG way. Keyboard shortcuts for those paragraph styles would probably satisfy me up completely.
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