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Feature request: edit source HTML


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Assuming your note markup is HTML, it would be really handy to give us an "Edit Source" button so we can enhance our notes without being constrained to limitations with your GUI toolkit.

Some of the limitations:

- no text highlighting

- no ability to edit table size once created

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Here, here... this really is a must-have feature. I can understand not wanting to build a full rich-text editor right away, but clearly HTML is getting rendered, so please let us edit in HTML mode and switch back. It's killing me to have to format in word and then paste notes into Evernote! vBulletin has this feature, and it's great.


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I know this is rather an old post, but it's still somewhat relevant... I've made a simple bookmarklet that will popup the HTML source view in the web version of Evernote; it injects the mceCodeEditor into the Evernote TinyMCE instance - and unlike enml-editor, doesn't need access to your evernote account (i.e. your content never leaves your browser window)


Details at http://seb.so/html-source-editor-for-evernote-web-a-bookmarklet/



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Cool! The bookmarklet works perfectly :-). Finally I was able to remove annoying padding on the first line of my note. Somehow it was h1...


Great! Glad it was useful for you :)



Seb: Thank you for your hard work. I know that this is a very, very old thread, but the bookmark no longer works. It just brings up an empty panel on top of the note.

I would very much appreciate it if you would be willing to bring it back to life.

I also tried the userscript by Andrea Lazzarotto, but it just breaks all of Evernote: all the notes appear blank, which you can imagine is disquieting :-).


Thanks in advance.

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