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  1. To clarify -- the problem is with GLOBAL KEYBOARD SHORTCUT. So with Evernote 10 installed you cannot use the Windows system! Not just Evernote. People cannot use their Windows. This is because every time you try to write "ś" in any application, Evernote pop-up appears Evernote working in background is hijacking basic keyboard usage. This is definitely true for Polish speakers. Possibly also for other languages like Finnish, Czech, Slovak etc (all those having diacritics with s).
  2. You can use CTRL+SHIFT+V (on Windows) to insert larger text without links. This works great if you insert many addresses. It also works if something in your pasted text looks like an e-mail or URL (e.g. "abc.net" will look like a link in "d:\abc.net\whatever.exe" for Evernote... yeah that suck, but CTRL+SHIFT+V will work for that). If you insert just one e-mail or URL then it will not work. You will have to use CTRL+SHIFT+R to remove the link afterwards. For example root@myserver.vlan will look like an e-mail for Evernote... Sigh... Annoying.
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